About Minister


Mme Seraphine MUKANTABANA was appointed Minister of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs (MIDIMAR) on February 25, 2013. Born on April 23, 1961, Minister Seraphine MUKANTABANA is married with five children. She holds a Bachelor’s degree of education studies awarded by the National University of Rwanda in 1986. She has acquired other additional qualifications in the fields of politics, Marketing, Communication, Conflict Management, Management, Psychology, etc.

Minister Seraphine MUKANTABANA has held various appointments with the following as her main career highlights:

-       From February 25, 2013 to now: Minister of Disaster Management and Refugee affairs (MIDIMAR).

-   From March 16, 2012 – February 25, 2013: Commissioner in Rwanda Demobilization and Reintegration Commission (RDRC).

-    December 06, 2011 to March 16, 2012: Reintegration Specialist in Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee affairs (MIDIMAR).

-       2005 -2011: Volunteer coordinator of facilitators of GBV activities and Community trauma counselors.

-       1998 -2005: Marketing and communication Director at Ets BRAZZA BUSINESS.

-       1995: Supervisor of Photo-tracing Program; Research and Family reunification at NGO Goal Ireland.

-   1994: -Socio-affective and pedagogical consultancy of non-accompanied Children at NGO Goal Ireland/ Kibumba-Goma. Supervisor of Reproductive health program at International Rescue Committee (IRC) Kibumba-Goma

-    September 1988 to April 1994: - Head of Education at Lycée de Kigali; Researcher at the « Institut de Development Nord - Sud I.D.N.S »; Research action about CERAI; Consultant at Village d’Enfants SOS Kacyiru ; Socio-affective mentoring of SOS children.

-        1981 – 1983 : Teacher at « Ecole Technique Féminine Pédagogique de Nyanza. »

In addition to professional experience, Seraphine MUKANTABANA has built her social career as member and leader of several associations for women empowerment, political and human rights at both National and International level. She has been Founder and president of the Association for the best performance for women at work (Association Rwandaise pour un Meilleur Rendement de la Femme au Travail ARFT), Founder and Executive Secretary of ARDEVI-TABARA (Associations Rwandaise pour la defense des droits des Victimes de la guerre), Member of the Pan African Academy for Peace (APA), Secretary of USRAC (l’Unité Sous Régionale d’Afrique Centrale), Secretary in charge of Projects in INPACT (Initiative Panafricain de LutteContre le Tribalisme), just to name a few. MUKANTABANA has also been president and legal representative of the Rwandan refugees’ community in Congo Brazzaville from    1998 to July 2011, before she voluntarily returned to Rwanda.