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Two hundred seventy one Rwandans return home from the Democratic Republic of Congo

This Wednesday 19 April 2017 - Two hundred seventy one Rwandan returnees from the Democratic Republic of Congo have been received in Kijote Transit Center located in the Kijote village of Bigogwe Sector, Nyabihu district. The center is in charge of receiving Rwandan returnees while waiting to be reintegrated into the community.

Among the priorities at Kijote Transit Center, reassuring them safety comes first since most of them come expecting the worse in Rwanda. Food and accommodation is provided to them, and those who are sick get to see the doctor who is always available at the center.

‘’They used to tell us that once you reach in Rwanda, they only give you time to do an interview with the media to convince those staying behind that the country is safe before you get killed’’ says NDUMUKOBWA Erina one of the Rwandan returnees who joined the center this Wednesday.

They were reminded that from now on they should identify themselves as Rwandans not refugees since Rwanda is their home. With the help of the Government of Rwanda and UNHCR these Rwandan returnees will come out of the center having the Rwandan identification cards, Food package for three months, Medical insurance and a Premium of two hundred fifty dollars per adult and one hundred dollar per child( to those entitled to).

The Ministry will also make a continuous follow up on their living conditions in their respective districts once reintegrated into the community.

There are three options to be opted by the concerned Rwandan refugees (who fled between 1959 up to 1998 due to insecurities in the country) in the implementation of the cessation clause; first is Voluntary repatriation in their country which the Government of Rwanda is encouraging Rwandans to do, second is Local integration in the asylum country and third which concerns only few is to seek for exemption

in the host country. Cessation Clause will end by December 31, 2017

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