08.05.2017 13:40 Age: 348 days

Rwandan Refugees make a three days visit in Rwanda

In the evening of Monday 1st May 2017, ten Rwandan refugees from Zimbabwe, Uganda and Congo Brazzaville arrived in Rwanda for a three- day visit under the ‘Come and See, Go and Tell’ Program.

Most of them came expecting to see an unsecured and destroyed country. At their surprise, they found a new Rwanda that’s steaming ahead on the development, a country that is waiting to receive them with open arms.

At the Airport and Boarder, the UNHCR and MIDIMAR staffs were waiting to warmly welcome them. On their way to the village escorted by UNHCR and MIDIMAR staffs, they were both excited and nervous to see their relatives and homes.


From the discussion they had with MIDIMAR staffs they were able to open up and share their thoughts about their country Rwanda, back in their Asylum countries, they are always told how bad the country has become. After visiting the country and families that’s when they realized that the ones discouraging them have their own interests, either political or their families in Rwanda want to keep their properties. But as Rwandans they were always curious and eager to see themselves how their country is, some of them worried about their children as well who don’t know their country of origin, they decided to grab the opportunity of ‘Come and See, Go and Tell’ program.


MUKESHIMANA Patricia, a Rwandan Refugee from UGANDA

 “The Love and Respect we were received with in our country is incredible and incomparable. We can’t wait to go back and share the news with those we left behind. Why should we accept to be called “Refugees” or wait until you are declared illegal in a foreign land yet our country Rwanda is remarkably great and ready to receive us?” says Patricia MUKESHIMANA one of the Rwandan Refugees who came from UGANDA

They were so impressed how the Government of Rwanda has designed many programs starting from the grassroots level of the cell in the village with the aim of improving the living conditions of Rwandans and with no discrimination e.g GIRINKA, Mutuel de santé, Umurenge SACCO ETC.

Honorable Minister, MUKANTABANA Seraphine answered all their questions and concerns during the discussion she had with them as they were concluding their three-day visit. She also thanked them for their courage and determination to come and see themselves the country’s progress.

They clearly saw that what they are always told back in the Asylum countries are lies, the country has security, great infrastructures and with so many opportunities. Most of them left the discussion decided to return home.




 ARINATWE John, a Rwandan refugee from UGANDA

‘By the time I reach in UGANDA, I will immediately go to UNHCR Office to register for the return. I will not wait until the end of cessation clause. I want to return by July 2017. Hon Minister of MIDIMAR promised us that we shall get support through the Return & Reintegration Program’ says Arinatwe John from UGANDA


 The Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugees (MIDMAR) and UNHCR are working together to ensure Rwandan refugees willing to visit the country and their families under the ‘Come and See, Go and Tell’ program are facilitated before the end of the cessation clause on 31st December 2017.

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