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The Handover of Houses constructed for beneficiaries of the “Sustainable Return and Reintegration of Rwandan Returnees” Programme

From the 31st May 2017 to 2nd June 2017, Hon. Minister MUKANTABANA Seraphine, UN Habitat and ONE UN delegation have officially handed over 18 houses to beneficiaries of the “Sustainable return and reintegration” programme.

The sustainable return and reintegration project for Rwandan returnees was initiated in 2012, with the objective to respond to the socioeconomic needs of thousands of exiled Rwandans returning as the effect of the Cessation Clause invocation. The project is implemented jointly by the Government of Rwanda through the Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugees (MIDIMAR) with the support of One UN (UNHCR, UNDP, UN Habitat, UNICEF, FAO, WFP and IOM) in Rwanda.

The beneficiaries included seven in Bigogwe Sector-NYABIHU District, six in Mudende Sector-RUBAVU District and three in Kabaya Sector, two in Muhanda Sector in NGORORERO District.

‘I am so grateful for the help I got from the Government of Rwanda. When i came to Rwanda I had eye disorders, I was almost going blind. But they made sure I was well treated, I was given food, money and now I have a beautiful new house. I really found a family in my country Rwanda. I am extremely content with my life now.’ says MUSABIMANA Philippe one of the beneficiaries from Rubavu District.

MUSABIMANA Philippe one of the beneficiaries from the District of Rubavu

‘I followed a vocational training in tailoring, I was given inputs (selected seeds) to plant, money, a cow and now I was given house to live in. What else could I really ask for? I feel overwhelmed with joy and gratefulness for the generosity’ says UWAMAHORO Vestine a beneficiary from the District of Rubavu

UWAMAHORO Vestine a beneficiary from the District of Rubavu

In her speech, Hon. Minister MUKANTABANA Seraphine requested returnees not to settle for less than what they deserve, to work hard to improve their living conditions and attain the next social categorization other than the one they were in before moving to the new houses.

‘The only way you can pay back the Country, the Rwandan Community and our President H.E Paul Kagame is to take from now on the responsibility of being part of the Government programs e.g Subscription to the Community Health Insurance Scheme, participate in Community works-Umuganda, respect your leaders, stay informed of the issues affecting your community and participate in finding solutions’ says Hon Minister MUKANTABANA Seraphine

She also reminded them that they have the duty and responsibility to give the right information about their living conditions now in Rwanda to Rwandan refugees who are still in exile and sensitize them to voluntarily repatriate home.

Environmental protection and energy saving have profoundly been considered while constructing these houses.

Biogas cooking stoves and Water Tank Gutter Technology have been used. This type of construction will promote a healthy environment for them, and it will not disrupt the land, water, resources and energy in and around the houses. And also another way of efficiently use energy, water and other resources.

Gutter Tank system facilitating the Rainwater harvesting has been put in place

Biogas fireplace have been constructed inside the kitchen

On behalf of the Government of Rwanda, Hon. Minister Seraphine Mukantabana immensely thanked  the United Nations Rwanda, for the continuous great support they give to the Return and Reintegration Programme.

One UN Resident Coordinator in Rwanda Mr. Lamin Mamadou Manneh expressed his gratitude towards the good implementation of the Sustainable Return and Reintegration of Rwandan Returnees Programme which brought the best results.

The beneficiaries of the project are supported in the areas of shelter, education, agriculture and live stocking, vocational skills training, governance and Justice. The Government of Rwanda ensures that Rwandan returnees are repatriated in a dignified and productive manner. 

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