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Institutions and NGOs called up to own the Inter-Agency Gender Action Plan for Refugees

Different Partners were present during the Launch of the Joint Gender Action Plan

The Institutions and Non-Governmental Organizations working in Rwanda were called upon to own the joint Gender Action Plan for Refugees living in different camps in Rwanda. That call was made on 8th February, 2018 during the launch of the Inter-Agency Gender Action Plan that is to enable the closure of available gender gaps in all refugee camps in Rwanda.

The Launch was organized by the Government of Rwanda through the Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugees and The Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion in partnership with the United Nation Agency for Refugees (UNHCR) and United Nations Women in Rwanda (UNWOMEN).

The Joint Action Plan is a result of the Inter-Agency Gender Assessment of refugee camps in Rwanda carried out in all refugee camps between 2015 and 2017. 

As recommended by the participants present during the launch of the report from the assessment, an action Plan translating the recommendations of the consolidated report into concrete actions has been developed.

“It’s my privilege to invite you all to the full commitment towards the effective implementation of this joint gender action Plan”, said the Minister of MIDIMAR, Hon. DE BONHEUR Jeanne d’Arc. 

“The Launch of this joint Action Plan to mainstream gender among the refugees is a good sign leading to empowering women refugees with skills and capacities to deliver to their daily life and ultimately making their families more resilient,” she added. 

The Joint Gender action plan has been developed by the Refugee Technical Gender Working Committee Group Co-chaired by MIDIMAR, and UNHCR with active participation of representatives of MIGEPROF, GMO, MINALOC, RNP, NCC, UN WOMEN, UNFPA, WFP, IOM, RWN, ADRA, ARC, Plan International, World Vision, Save the Children, African Humanitarian Action and LAF. 

During the launch of this action plan, the UNHCR Country Representative, Mr. Ahmed Baba Fall Called upon all participants to own the action plan and effectively contribute to its implementation. 

“It is our responsibility to support the refugees for self-reliance and education to ensure one day they are well equipped with good life and respond to the dreams they had before fleeing. This action plan therefore is no longer an Affair of only MIDIMAR and UNHCR but we invite all stakeholders to provide their active contribution towards the proper implementation of this joint Gender Action Plan,” Said UNHCR Country Representative to Rwanda, Mr. Ahmed Baba Fall. 

Rwanda is a home to over 173,000 refugees and asylum seekers. The women and Children present 76% of all refugees while 52% are women and girls. This joint Action Plan therefore will be a tool to make sure the gender gaps available in camps are closed by empowering women and girls in refugee camps through obtaining education, getting top positions in camp leadership, proper livelihood and reduction of Gender Based violence in camps among others.  

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