30.10.2018 17:40 Age: 171 days

DE BONHEUR Jeanne d'Arc handed over to Kamayirese Germaine, the new Minister in charge of Emergency Management.

DE BONHEUR Jeanne d'Arc (L) hands over to KAMAYIRESE Germaine (R); the new Minister in charge of Emergency Management.

On 22nd October, 2018, the outgoing Minister of Disaster Management and Refugees; Jeanne d’ Arc DE BONHEUR, handed over to Germaine Kamayirese; the new Minister in charge of Emergency Management. 

In her remarks, Jeanne d’ Arc DE BONHEUR welcomed the new Minister and bid farewell to the entire staff of the Ministry. DE BONHEUR pointed that Kamayirese joins a strong team and called upon all staff to give the new Minister full support and cooperation.

The outgoing Minister said though she is leaving, she’ll be always available in case she is requested to contribute with some advice and support.

Minister Germaine Kamayirese in her address commended the former minister’s work done in the Ministry, and expressed confidence that the Ministry’s team will keep working mutually.

She stated that working together, effective communication and bringing in innovations are among main strategies to keep on the daily work of each staff member effectively.

Before her appointment, Germaine Kamayirese was serving as Minister of State in Charge of Energy, Water and Sanitation in the Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA).

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