30.10.2018 17:47 Age: 171 days

Residents of Fumbwe Sector urged to mitigate disasters by planting trees.

Honorable Minister KAMAYIRESE Germaine planting trees on Shenga hill in Fumbwe Sector, Rwamagana District.

On 27th October, 2018, the staff of the Ministry in Charge of emergency Management joined residents of Fumbwe Sector in Rwamagana District to plant trees on Shenga hill during Umuganda activity, launching this year’s tree planting season that coincided with the 43rd anniversary of Tree Planting Day.

Speaking to Hundreds of residents after planting trees, The Minister of Emergency Management Kamayirese Germaine encouraged the population to build houses using effective and appropriate construction materials especially by tightly fixing the roofs of houses.

On sidelines of trees planting, Minister Kamayirese assisted the rehabilitation of Janjagiro Secondary school whose 7 classrooms were recently damaged by strong wind.

The Minister urged the school management to plant trees to break the wind. If the trees were planted before, they could have protected the school.

“The Ministry in charge of Emergency Management has the responsibility of intervention, but before we intervene, you have to avoid disasters where it is possible. For instance, planting trees near this school could have prevented it from destruction. Replacing old materials of the building could have also stopped such damage.” The Minister said. 

The aid offered to the School included 300 iron sheets and other roofing materials for the school to be rapidly rehabilitated. 

The Minister kept on reiterating that forests sustainability is one of the best strategies to mitigate calamities as it fasten soils and avoid landslides as well as reducing wind speed which repeatedly devastates infrastructures, mainly buildings.

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