15.11.2018 15:15 Age: 156 days

Students recommended to plant trees to build Disaster resilient schools.

Minister Kamayirese together with a student planting an avocado tree during the launch.

On November 10th, 2018, the Ministry in charge of Emergency Management, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Environment launched the jointly organized awareness campaign aiming at building disaster resilience in schools by planting trees in all schools across the country.

Launching the campaign, the Minister in Charge of Emergency Management KAMAYIRESE Germaine joined students of EAV Kivumu TVET and residents of Gaseke Cell in Ngororero District to plant 2000 trees inside and near the school.

A total of around 10,000 trees were planted across the country at five sites where the launch was taking place; G.S Gihinga in Kayonza District, GS Nyakinama II&I in Musanze District, G.S Hanika in Nyanza District and G.S Ruhanga in Gasabo District.

Speaking to students of EAV Kivumu TVET and residents of Gaseke Cell, Minister of Kamayirese encouraged students to adopt the culture of tree planting and protect them to mitigate disaster risks from hydro meteorological hazards.

“Disaster risks mitigation, especially in schools, requires planting trees in and around to break the destructive strong wind. Trees fasten our soils, avoid landslides and reduce wind speed which frequently ravages infrastructures.”

There is an increasing evidence that through environmental, disaster risk reduction clubs, students at all levels in schools can effectively participate in school safety measures, and also work with teachers and the community towards minimizing risks before, during and after disaster events through the child friendly school’s initiatives.

Based on the post disaster need assessment (PDNA) conducted in 15 districts in 2018, the overall 314 out of 27,202 classrooms (predominantly public rural schools) that used to accommodate 11,400 students have been partially or fully destroyed between January to May 2018 and the net value of the total damages and losses to the education sector was estimated at around 2.3 billion Rwandan Francs. 

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