05.03.2019 16:22 Age: 46 days

Population reminded to abide with disaster mitigation measures in upcoming heavy rain season.

Hon. Minister Germaine KAMAYIRESE addressing media during a Press Conference held at MINEMA on 28th February, 2019.

The Ministry in Charge of Emergency Management calls upon the Rwandan population to enhance Disaster risk mitigation measures ahead of the heavy rain season that may cause floods and landslides in some parts of the country, reduce agricultural yields due to Landslides, floods, hailstorms and windstorms as well as damages to Infrastructure.  This call was made during the press conference held at MINEMA on 28th February, 2019.

The Minister in Charge of Emergency Management; Hon. Germaine KAMAYIRESE highlighted the relevance of taking into consideration disaster risk mitigation as everyone’s responsibility.  

“The whole community across the country need to play an important role to reduce their exposure to disasters through disaster risk prevention, mitigation and preparedness. Disaster risk mitigation activities necessitate more combined efforts from different sectors.” Said the Minister in Charge of Emergency Management, Germaine Kamayirese during the Press Conference.

“To build a disaster resilient community, the population is required to get used to the execution of disaster risk reduction strategies. They need to tightly fix the roofs of their houses, ensure dredging, restoring and building new water canals and establishing rain water harvesting systems, relocation from the high risk zones as well as building houses with strong and standard materials.” The Minister added.

The IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Center (ICPAC) released seasonal forecast for March to May, 2019. They predicted a heavy rainfall season over the equatorial sector of the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA) region as well as over Rwanda.  In addition to that, the National consensus climate outlook for March to May, 2019 rain season indicates increased risks for normal to abnormal rainfall over the most part of Western and Northern Provinces, City of Kigali and Southern Province (Ruhango, Kamonyi, Muhanga and Nyamagabe Districts).

Rwanda Meteorology Agency (Meteo Rwanda) stated that this rainfall during the season may result into different disaster risks that may cause enormous damages, hence the call for everyone to implement disaster risk mitigation measures accordingly.

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