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Mahama refugee camp

View of Mahama Camp

Mahama Camp is situated in Mahama Sector, Kirehe District, in Eastern Province, at about 270 km from Kigali city. It was established to accommodate thousands of Burundian refugees who massively fled to Rwanda when political crisis related to presidential elections erupted into violence in Burundi. Thousands of Burundian refugees who fled in a big influx were temporarily accommodated in transit centers in different part of the country depending on their entry points.

Mahama camp was officially opened on April 22, 2015 in order to move refugees near the borders of Burundi and provide them with enough space for accommodation. It covers the surface area of over 50 ha.

Mahama camp is the biggest camp in Rwanda with a population of over 56, 153 ( As of December 2017) which grows up day after day as Burundian continue to flee to Rwanda.